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What to Expect

Campers can expect a mixture of group games, art and crafts, cultural workshops, and guest speakers and activities about Little Tokyo history and the Japanese American experience. Campers are divided into small groups and work with college-aged camp counselor. At the end of camp, participants often have a new appreciation for the struggles of their grandparents and great-grandparents, a deeper sense of identity, and new friends.

Comments shared from past campers

Camp Musubi was a great influence on me. It helped me believe in myself and be proud that I was part Japanese. I also learned a lot of different things, like how to make mochi, karate, calligraphy and sooo much more. All the counselors were really nice, funny, respectful, and encouraging. I really enjoyed Camp Musubi. Also thank you to everyone who took their time to come in to teach us different things.


This week at Camp Musubi was very fun! I learned so many things from many different people about our Japanese culture. Aside from learning about JA history I learned how to make musubi, mochi, and a big noise with the taiko drums. I learned about things in life like friendship, culture, not repeating history, teamwork, and sticking up for other people. Of all the things that I learned at camp, I think that I learned the most about respect and to take pride in your culture and country. Overall, Camp Musubi was a very fun learning experience and a great chance to meet new friends and learn more about Little Tokyo and its history.


My favorite part about the camp was doing the scavenger hunt because I got to see around Little Tokyo! Another thing was just spending time with the counselors and my new friends!! I also enjoyed making mochi! I’m so glad my mom put me into Camp Musubi! I had lots of fun and learned about my culture.


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