For Parents


Camp Musubi welcomes any middle school-aged student entering 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade in the following fall.


Camp Musubi will be held in:
Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACC)
244 S. San Pedro Street
LA CA 90012


Dates: July 23, 2016 - July 24, 2016
Time: Saturday, 9:00am - 5:00pm
Time: Sunday, 7:00am - 7:00pm


Campers Registration
$275 (includes transportation to Manzanar National Historic Site and Sunday dinner)
$25 JACCC membership discount – one discount per family. Must hold current JACCC membership
Sibling Discount: $50 for each additional sibling attending camp
*sibling discount pricing is applicable to all registrations occurring after the first paid at full price
Camp T-Shirt - $15 additional fee per student (optional)

What Campers Should Bring

  • Refillable water bottle
  • Saturday and Sunday lunch, snacks for ride to and from Manzanar National Historic Site.
  • Small amount of cash to shop for snacks in Little Tokyo (optional)

Reflections From Past Parents

Past parents have often shared that camp has spurred enthusiastic conversations with their children about the day’s activities and newfound interests in family history. Here are some reflections from past parents.

Not sure of any one activity, but my daughter gained a better understanding of the struggles our “pioneers” and previous generations of JAs endured. I’ve heard – more than ever before – the words “respect” and “dignity” uttered from her mouth, both during and following her week at Camp Musubi.

-- Angela

Both Bryce and Scott had a great week and talked a lot about their day and what they learned. The activities and things that were learned in camp also helped to initiate questions and conversations at the dinner table. Bryce will be in high school next year, so will be too old, but Scott has already said that he wants to attend and take his cousin with him.

-- Peggy


Oh they had a great time. Although they didn’t tell me everything they did in detail, I knew they were enjoying themselves because they wanted to be early every day. And the first day the first thing they said was—it was a lot funner than we thought it was going to be. For boys this age, that was quite an endorsement.

And Jason, who is not too impressed with the activities I plan for him, he asked to keep his group flag. With that, I knew he enjoyed his time at Camp Musubi. Lucas asked to go for another week. I almost fell on the floor.

-- Carolyn

Not many families spend time in Little Tokyo. We have been attending activities at Nishi Hongwanji for many years, but still don’t participate in many community activities. We realize that a lot of the businesses are closing down or are no longer run by Japanese, and we think it is important for the younger generation to be exposed to the environment that their grandparents spent time in and possibly to help preserve Little Tokyo.


I would like to thank all the staff for a wonderfully run program. Akira learned a lot and was excited to go to Camp Musubi every morning. He told his younger brothers that the need to go when they are in middle school, so that is a very good sign. I liked receiving the post cards, and though he doesn't realize it now, it will be a nice reminder to see them in the future. The letter that he received from his counselor was very nice, too.


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